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Savings Calculator

Costs: feel free to modify these amounts
Round trip distance to customer (miles or km):
Truck fuel rate (mpg or km/L):
Fuel cost per gallon (or per L):
Annual cost of vehicle/customer:*
Insurance, Taxes, Licenses, Maintenance, Tires / 2000 customers:
Driver cost per hour:**
Number of stops saved per month:***

Not only will you make fewer deliveries, your average delivery will greatly increase. Larger deliveries puts more money in your pocket.

* Annual cost of vehicle per customer = $100,000 - $10,000 salvage = $90,000 / 5 years / 2000 customers = $9.00
This page also works with the metric system. Just enter your distance in km, your truck fuel rate in liters / km, and your fuel cost in liters.

** Driver costs: Salary, Training, Worker's Comp, FICA, Insurance

*** Look at this graph and consider the stops saved by delivering only when the tank is low.

Don't spend unnecessary money sending out a truck for a small delivery -- Save money with NASCorp.

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