CylinderTracker TM

  • CylinderTracker™ is a companion device to the tried and true, SkyTracker™
  • Track usage anywhere in the world, from any internet computer via the web
  • Alerts the fuel delivery company when cylinder supply is low
  • Know when supply is low within ONE hour
  • Avoid unnecessary trips
  • Know when storage is refilled
  • Saves time, man-hours, and Money

North American Satellite Corporation creators of patented SkyTracker™, the world’s first satellite tank monitoring system, is pleased to announce a new companion unit to SkyTracker™. The all new CylinderTracker™ was developed by our in-house technicians to work seamlessly with SkyTracker™.

The best part, CylinderTracker™ can be installed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes, requiring no special tools and no external power supply. CylinderTracker™ and SkyTracker™ are both self contained, self powered units.


CylinderTracker™ monitors the last row of cylinders in most any cage or rack system. The sensor mounts to the right side of the cage or rack via the supplied hardware. A lanyard or cable is drawn through the cylinder handles, or if the cylinders do not have handles, across the front of them, making sure the cylinders to be monitored cannot be removed with out removing the cable. The opposite end of the cable or lanyard is permanently attached to the storage rack or cage with the supplied hardware to the left side.

Once the row of cylinders being monitored needs to be accessed, the lanyard or cable is detached from the sensor by simply pulling it, no tools needed. This sends a signal to the SkyTracker™ which alerts the bottled gas company within one hour.

When the driver delivers full bottles to the storage system, he or she simply plugs the cable or lanyard back in to the sensor, no tools required.

CylinderTracker™ is intrinsically safe and has no metallic parts that could cause accidental sparking. The housing is ABS plastic and the lanyard supplied is coated nylon. The lanyard and sensor are red in color for high visibility. The sensor is activated and reset using an ABS plastic “key” that clips to the sensor and attached to the lanyard.

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