SkyTracker Development

SkyTracker™ History of Development

SkyTracker ™ : 16 Years of Development

  • At an investment of $6.8 million
  • Protected by 2 patent with 42 patent claims (domestic), Foreign claims through WIPO under PCT (Canada, Japan, China, Israel, Australia, Mexico, All countries of Western Europe, Brazil) (Additional patents pending) US & Foreign Copyrights (other patents pending)

Designed In Association with senior officials of:

  • DirecTV
  • EchoStar
  • DishNetwork
  • ISAT
  • Axonn
  • Loral
  • AeroAstro
  • GlobalStar
  • Iridium
  • SES Global
  • SES Americom
  • 24 propane distribution companies


Early History

  • October 1988: First Transmissions – based on technology used at Hatfield Marine Institute (Smithsonian Magazine).
  • 1999: Century Propane Company affiliated with America’s Family Entertainment (AFE). Began work on SkyTracker™.
  • 2002: Insite founded (acquired America’s Family Entertainment).
  • In 2004 the first beta SkyTrackers™ were deployed. Today they have the equivalent of 13 years of transmissions (Sagamore Gas & Appliance, National Gas Distributors, Lindens Propane).
  • October 2005: First production model SkyTrackers™ released to Auxier Gas, National Gas Distributors, Sagamore Gas & Appliances, Farmer’s Co-op, Salley’s Propane, Propane Direct, Chapp & Bushy Oil Co. and Erie Shore Propane.
  • Insite’s SkyTracker™ is listed on both National PERC’s Remote Tank Monitoring Matrix and NPGA’s Marketer’s Management Forum Telemetry Questionnaire. Both describe the Company, our commitment to the industry and many of the Remote Tank Monitoring Industries’ firsts that SkyTracker™ offers

Early Contributors

  • Pat Walsh (Ferrell Gas) October 1988
  • Wallace Willard (President-MPGA)1989-1996
  • The late Milford Therrell (Squibb-Taylor) May 1994
  • 4,200 NPGA Members – 2000
  • 24 independent propane dealers became stockholders of Insite – 2000

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