Just a note to inform you that SkyTrackers™ are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I get 10-15 e-mails per day of 10%+ drops, which indicates 100 to 400 gallons per e-mail!! We are taking care of several new commercial contractor high-volume users this year with no strain on the drivers or equipment. Heating degree days are down 12-15%, yet December and January will be our 4th and 3rd best months ever, respectively, and we are not stretched by making unprofitable trips, nor paying excessive overtime. Our assets are being properly deployed as a result of using 40 SkyTrackers™ for these accounts. We may need another case soon. Is the backlog of orders caught up, or is there still a wait (hopefully due to additional orders)?

Charles L. Hutchins
Sagamore Gas & Appliances,
Inc. 6551 W. Hickory Road Colfax,
IN 46035

Dear Mr. Humphrey,
“My name is Richard Noack and I have been with Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc. for about three months now. I have been taking care of the SkyTracker™ system. I have only been with Western for three months and we just started using the SkyTracker™ System. I did run into some of your sales people at the Texas Propane Gas Association show in Austin, TX about three weeks ago. I did not ask them any questions because I did not have any but they were very polite when I did talk to them. I did some research on the SkyTracker™ system and I called the Tech Support Group. The person there was very helpful. As far as your accounting and credit department, if anyone has called, they probably would not have talked to me. Overall, I am very pleased with the SkyTracker™ system and we just placed an order for 10 more units.”

Richard Noack
Richard Noack Fuel
Gas-Special Project Western International Gas & Cylinders,
Inc. Bellville, Texas

“I would offer that our experience of SkyTracker™ has been very positive. The installation and the website use are extremely easy and user-friendly. We had experience with a two-piece telephone dialing system previously, and believe me when I say, there is no comparison! The battery life of your system well exceeds that of the phone system’s batteries (in fact, we haven’t had a low battery alert with your system yet!). We are planning on replacing the telephone systems currently deployed with your systems as soon as the batteries go out again. Continued success to you! Be assured, we will be increasing our use of your systems as our business grows.”

Mike Dudley
My Very Best Regards,
Mike Dudley Erie Shore Propane, Inc. Fremont, Ohio

“With operating cost on the rise, we were looking for ways to be more efficient with our fuel deliveries. SkyTracker™ gave us that option. Our trucks can now deliver more gallons per stop. SkyTracker™ has also been a great marketing tool for gaining new business. The customers like the fact that they are protected from leaks as well as running out. They also like being able to log on to the Internet to read their percentage and track their usage. SkyTracker™ has helped our business to be more efficient.”

Brad Laman
HLC (Cullipher) LLC Alamo,
TN 38001

“Every experience with Insite has been a good one. The product is excellent and effective and when you add the courteous professional staff, it makes it a pleasure to do business with them.”

Advanced Propane
Scotty Ricketts, Manager