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SkyTracker™ Monitors


To meet the demand for low-cost satellite and wireless ground remote tank and home monitoring for the Natural Gas Liquids and other related industries, North American Satellite Corporation (NASCorp) has increased its patent pending (U.S. and International) SkyTracker™ processor (SkyBrain™) from four (4) tracking/reporting functions to simultaneously perform 1,000 analog or 4,096 digital tasks. In addition, SkyTracker™ now boasts Sensor Enabled Notification System (SENS) patented technology. SENS allows satellite sensing or tracking of data and/or assets, which are registered in NASCorp's SkyTracker™ system. Each NASCorp SENS SkyTracker™ transmits to 8 orbital satellites to provide multiple redundancies in information collection and data transfer at each customer location. Every 30 days 2,880 satellite passes are made over each SkyTracker™, for a total of 43,200 minutes of monitoring. NASCorp's SENS SkyTracker™ will reach customers in 120 countries worldwide through GlobalStar's fleet of 48 satellites. SkyTracker's™ flat array antenna utilizes the same technology as XM Radio and GM's On-Star satellite antennas and is produced by the same manufacturer as the XM and On-Star component. Quality and dependability is our guarantee to our Dealers.

SkyBrain™ Processor: As in "The Wizard of Oz", NASCorp' has a scarecrow. But, unlike the scarecrow in "Oz", ours has a brain. So does our SkyTracker™ wireless liquid level tank and home monitors. We call it SkyBrain™, a patented process of SkyTracker™. The unique intelligence of SkyTracker™ offers a complete home profile management system, including company managed services and orbital satellite tank monitoring, through SkyTracker's™ use of Sensor Enabled Notification System (SENS) technology. NASCorp's SkyTracker™ combines satellite communications, allowing monitoring and tracking of data at any remote location via satellite, with a processor (brain). SkyTracker's™ processor is a patent pending process called SkyBrain™. Because of SkyBrain™, each SkyTracker™ includes an internal Degree Day Recorder to allow SkyTracker™ to accumulate and record weather patterns at each customer location of a propane dealer where any SkyTracker™ is installed. SkyTracker™ records "real-time" data, including tank levels and other SkyHome Monitoring™ and SkyHelp Services™. SkyTracker™ can then forecast projected Degree Day patterns for the most reliable delivery, tank, and home monitoring system ever.

SkyTracker™ Internal Degree Day Recorder Features:

  • K-Factor Calculation(s).
  • Out-Of-Ordinary Event Notice(s).
    • Stuck Tank Gauge.
    • Customer Away From Home (Lower usage than normal).
    • Leak Detection.
  • Vapor Use Calculation(s) (When Liquid Outage is Reached).

From "real-time" information, gathered at each SkyTracker™ site, SkyTracker™ will automatically calculate any customer's K-Factor. SkyTracker's™ SkyBrain™ will then perform a Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA) on each tank investment of a propane dealer where asset investment data and product sales margins are input into the SkyTracker™ system. This is another patent pending service of NASCorp's SkyTracker™ that costs the propane dealer nothing. SkyTracker's™ Degree Day System also forms the basis for SkyTracker's™ Out-of-Ordinary Event notice(s) i.e., stuck tank float gauge, open bleed valve, underground line leak, or any reduction in fuel level(s) not compatible with a customer's history and current weather patterns.


Supported by IBM: Upon evaluation of the world's computer hardware manufacturers, International Business Machines (IBM) was selected to support NASCorp's SkyTracker™ and the world's propane dealers who subscribe to SkyTracker™. IBM was chosen because IBM is still the standard to which all other systems are measured and configured to be compatible with. Data is redundantly posted to NASCorp's solely owned and operated clustered IBM servers, located in secure locations which are capable of surviving a natural calamity or terrorist attack. NASCorp's co-location provider, Level (3) Communication, an IBM affiliate, warrants a 99.999% system up-time. Both active and passive mirror servers operate 24/7/365 along with three fully functional back-up servers to take the load in the event of full system failure. Duplicate on-site storage servers are also part of the equation, along with redundant off-site back-ups. Active and Passive back-ups are performed every 30 seconds. Over 16,000 dealers can access their customer's information simultaneously; and not slow NASCorp's servers by more than a millisecond.

Data Security: A Dealer sending data over NASCorp's SkyTracker™ secured network, to be recovered only through SENS satellite decoders, SkyTracker's™ reliable transmissions of "real-time" data cannot be detected, much less intercepted, by any other system other than the already patented SENS system. Furthermore, each SkyTracker™ also uses a unique ID that cannot be modified. In short, SkyTracker™ can gather information from locations far beyond current terrestrial or telepathic networks and Dealers can recover their customer's information on NASCorp's Secured Socket-Layered 64-128 bit encrypted Web-based SkyTracker™ Internet access site from any PC anywhere in the world. All posted customer information is color-coded for "At-A-Glance" status acknowledgement(s). A Dealer's peace of mind is NASCorp's ultimate goal.


How SkyTracker™ Works:While SkyTracker™ has been developed exclusively and expressly for remote-based propane customer storage tanks, it works anywhere where 15° of sky is available. Direction not a factor; so SkyTracker™ does not need to face South, just the sky. Upon installation of SkyTracker™ hardware at your customer's location and entry of your customer's data in SkyTracker's™ passcode-protected encrypted web-based software system, you will have access to your customer's tank fuel inventory level(s) from practically anywhere. This service is provided by NASCorp FREE to the Dealer and/or the Dealer's End-user(s) who subscribe to basic and advanced services of SkyTracker™ (Excludes Wi-Fi or other Internet access fees or rental(s) of PC equipment).

NASCorp's SkyBrain™ (processor) accumulates data to be transmitted from the customer propane storage tank(s), close contact sensors i.e., CO detector(s), propane detector(s), appliances, smoke detector(s), security sensors and etc. and the on-board processor's Degree Day Recorder and history log. Data is then relayed to SkyTracker's™ internal Simplex Transmitting Unit ("STU"). From the STU, data is sent through the noise spectrum at the speed of light to Low Earth Orbital (LEO) satellites via SkyTracker's™ flat array antenna. From the LEO satellites data is forwarded to ground stations around the globe, ultimately reaching SkyTracker's™ patented SENS decoders. SkyTracker™ tank and home data cannot be intercepted, much less decoded, without the benefit of SkyTracker's™ patented SENS decoders. From SENS portals Dealer/Customer data is pulled by NASCorp's IT staff and processed into usable, but encrypted, information which Dealers and their subscribing customers (End-users) may retrieve from NASCorp's passcode-protected Website. Dealers and their subscribing customers can access their data from any computer terminal anywhere in the world just by entering their own personal user name(s) and passcode(s) (passcodes are not filed by or remembered by any NASCorp staff member or vendor affiliates. NASCorp cannot recover any Dealer's or their subscriber's (End-user) passcodes, but a Dealer or End-user who has forgotten their passcode can instruct NASCorp's processor to assign a new passcode if all security check(s) are proven). To see for yourself how SkyTracker™ works, click here to be referred to SkyTracker's


Functions of SkyTracker's™ SkyBrain™: "Because I have SkyBrain™, I use logic to make management of your business easier. I can help you manage your customer fuel deliveries and safety services from any Internet access point i.e., your home, car, or even from the beach. I can perform other services for you and your customers as well, like optimum routing of your delivery vehicle(s), accounting and asset control services and can recognize wrongful gas(es) presence indoors or detect out-of-ordinary event(s) indoors and out. I'm ideal for start-ups or stand-alones as well as any existing propane distribution operations. And, I come complete with SkyTracker's™ SkyHelp™ and SkyHome Monitoring™ Services, where I can turn lights on and off, set thermostats and perform security functions, all services which a Dealer can resell to customers. Just use your imagination. It's a "No-Brainer", which costs less than the price of a postage stamp per day.

Dealer Demo Site


Configuration of SkyTracker™: SkyTracker™ comes complete with SkyBrain™ processor, Simplex (LEO) Satellite Transmitting Unit, RF transceiver for customer appliance wireless communication to SkyTracker™, GM's On-StarR/XM-Radio® - type communication antenna, internal Degree Day & Julian Day recorders, battery pack, tank monitoring bracket, U.L. 913 enclosure, pre-sealing harness with hall sensor and passcode-protected access to encrypted dealer information recovery website.

The SkyTracker™ software will post color-coded tank information to a PC screen by route(s), to SkyChart™, which shows period use through tank polling and even tells when your tank is filled, including unauthorized fill(s), and to SkyMap™, which gives you a color-coded "satellite" view of all your customer storage tank inventory levels that are on the SkyTracker™ system. With just a glance at our SkyMap™, you can determine the condition of your entire customer base, minimize to a route, or even zoom in to a specific customer or delivery truck. This is ideal for a new driver, but was developed for use by management to determine at-a-glance the condition of your customer's fuel levels.

NASCorp's patent-pending intelligence processor (SkyBrain™) will also post by color-coded legend to PC screen for quick reference, low-level tank warnings, tank overfill condition alarm and report an out-of-ordinary event, such as stuck tank gauge or excessive drop(s) in tank levels. SkyTracker's™ patent-pending internal Degree Day and Julian Day recording systems are also built into each SkyTracker™ for the most reliable tank monitoring system ever.

NASCorp's patent-pending SkyHelp Services™ includes CO detection, unspent propane (C3H8) presence detection, gas shut-off, and indoor low-temperature sensing. These services are available to a Retail Dealer at NO CHARGE for a Dealer to resell to customers.


Quick Installation: Installation of NASCorp's SENS SkyTracker™ is one minute on newly fabricated ASME "remote-ready" propane storage containers and five minutes for most older ASME tanks. In tests, SkyTracker™ has transmitted its data successfully while encased in six inches of ice or even from within a building. Where special circumstances require, NASCorp can remotely "ping" field-installed SkyTrackers™ to temporarily increase their power out-put, assuring that no signal is ever missed.


North American Satellite Corporation Remote Tank Monitoring Comparison

Dealer Convenience: LP Central Robertshaw Centeron NASCorp SkyTracker™
Engineered by propane marketers for propane marketers NO NO YES
Monitor installs under 1 minute (5 min. on non-remote ready) NO NO YES
Installs without serviceman NO NO YES
No entry into customer's home/business required NO NO YES
Includes Degree Day Recorders NO NO YES
Performs K-Factor Calculations NO NO YES
Accumulates Annual Degree Days NO NO YES
Accumulates Annual gallons/use NO NO YES
Performs customer Profitability Analysis NO NO YES
Notice of low battery/power NO NO YES
Self-contained NO NO YES
Eliminates telephone line NO NO YES
Eliminates 110V power connection NO NO YES
Eliminates driving to within 1 mile NO NO YES
GPS tank locator NO NO YES
100% geographic coverage (U.S.) NO YES
95% geographic coverage (Earth) NO NO YES
Degree Day based Out-of-Ordinary Event Alarm NO NO YES
Stuck Float Gauge Notice NO NO YES
Customer Away From Home Notice NO NO YES
Open Bleed Valve NO NO YES
Any condition not consistent w/customer's history NO NO YES
Tank Overfilled Notice NO NO YES
Non-consistent User Notices (Grain dryers, pool heaters) NO NO YES
Low-tank Inventory Notice NO NO YES
Monitors NH3 tank wagons anywhere NO NO YES
Dealer Web-based Information Recovery Site:
Monitoring transmissions non-detectable/decodable NO NO YES
Encrypted Secured Socket-Layered Data Transmission NO NO YES
Survivable IBM-clustered Servers NO NO YES
Passcode-protected Data Recovery YES YES YES
No monthly Web-based Access Charges YES NO YES
No system upgrade charges NO NO YES
Dealer Financing:
Efficiencie(s) (Tax/Delivery) Investment Offsets NO NO YES
Revenue-producing Asset YES YES YES
CO and C3H8 Presence YES YES YES
Low Temperature NO NO YES
Lighting Control NO NO YES
Sprinkler/Irrigation NO NO YES
Humidity Control NO NO YES
Appliance Control NO NO YES
Security NO NO YES
Thousands of sensor/monitor options NO NO YES
Rental Program NO NO YES
Automatic Equipment Upgrades (Rental Program) NO NO YES
Customer Safety & Convenience:
Enclosure of Ballistic Plastics YES YES YES
SkyBrain™ technology for SkyHelp Services™ and SkyHome Monitoring™ NO NO YES
Dealer Information:
Color-coded "At-a-Glance" SkyMap™ (GPS) NO


Color-coded "At-a-Glance" Web Posting NO NO YES
Color-coded "At-a-Glance" Route Finder YES NO YES
Tank-filled Notice(s) NO NO YES
Tank Use/Fill SkyChart™ NO NO YES
Alarm History Log NO NO YES
Common File Database Merging (A/R, Balance Credit Rating/Customer Tank info) NO NO YES


No-Brainer: SkyTracker™ is the first monitor to offer limitless dealer revenues through SkyHelp Services™, SkyHome Monitoring™ and SkyTouch™ touch-screen services, all U.S. and International patent pending processes of SkyTracker™. Of course, NASCorp's patented color-coded SkyMap™, customer tank and fuel level locator, SkyChart™, for customer history, and SkyTracker™ Web-supported Dealer information recovery site is a part of any NASCorp SkyTracker™. With SkyTracker™, NASCorp dealers are limited only by their imaginations.

To make the point that SkyTracker™ is different than all other tank monitors offered on the market today, NASCorp purchased the rights to Warner Brother's™ "Wizard of OZ" Scarecrow, who "wished he'd had a brain". Scarecrow has now found a brain. It is called SkyTracker™. You can get a brain, too - - - for less than the price of a postage stamp per day - - - from North American Satellite Corporation. SKYTRACKER™! It's a "NO BRAINER!"

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