Board of Directors

Rick Humphrey

Serving in the capacity of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Insite, Humphrey conceived and engineered SkyTracker™ direct-to-orbital-satellite remote tank and SmartHome™ monitoring systems for use in the propane, refined fuels anhydrous ammonia and other liquid bulk products industries. Humphrey holds a Bachelor of Science with degrees in Marketing Management and Accounting from Missouri University at Cape Girardeau, MO and underwent a Masters equivalent in engineering at Missouri University’s Rolla, MO School of Mines.

Humphrey served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Century Propane Company, Inc., a provider of energy services to 9,500 residences in 8 states. Humphrey has also served in various industry association capacities including Chairman of the Board to the Missouri Propane Gas Association and as the late Governor Mel Carnahan’s, Council Chairman to the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council (“MO-PERC”). As Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman, Humphrey authored proponent legislation for the industry, including the PERC bills, and coordinated opposition to detrimental regulation. Humphrey was Missouri State Director to the National Propane Gas Association’s Market Development and Governmental Affairs Committees and was a past Director-at-Large of the Illinois Propane Gas Association. He has been affiliated and active within the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) since 1986 and the Propane Gas Association of Canada (PGAC) since 2007.

Brian Humphrey

Brian is an emerging leader who works within both the technology and propane industries to inspire creative & innovative solutions. After spending nearly a decade in the ministry and another 2 years with the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, Brian knows what truly drives conversations and that people are the true value of a business. He believes that connecting with the heart beating customers, employees, and shareholders is the only way to run a business. Brian has propelled the SkyTracker™ presence forward by landing customers and distributors all around the world, including Canada, Mexico, South America, Nigeria, and Australia. He has been promoted through the years starting out as an Account Executive and is now Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer of the Board. In addition to this, Brian serves as a Board Member for the Missouri Propane Gas Association and serves on multiple committees for the National Propane Gas Association. Brian is an advocate for self-education, promoting to others that learning complex subjects can be done with resources readily available to us every day. He also holds a BA in Religious Education and Literature from Missouri Baptist University.

Charley Hutchins

As President of Sagamore Gas and Appliance, Inc. of Colfax, IN, Charley enrolled Sagamore Gas as a stockholder on August 3, 2000. Sagamore became an active Retail Dealer on June 4, 2001. Sagamore Gas was also the first propane dealer to enroll customers in Insite’s SkyTracker™ tank and home monitoring programs. Charley is an industry veteran, having been employed by the Indiana Propane Gas Association as its Executive Director during the 1980’s. Thereafter, Charley and his brother, Brian, acquired two propane distribution companies to operate. In 2004, Charley served as President of the Indiana Propane Gas Association and was elected to a Director’s position on Insite’s Board of Directors.

Joe Crocitto

Crocitto served our country at home and overseas in management and strategic roles. His experiences have given him unique skills and knowledge, which have been crucial to the development of Insite. Joe has been an active Stockholder in Insite and holds the seat of Director of Future Development on Insite’s Board of Directors. Joe is an elected Director.

Dennis Moreno

Moreno is a physical education instructor and football coach at a local high school in Nashville.  He has also spent time coaching in college and has helped in scouting for the Tennessee Titans.  Moreno is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma and Tennessee State University. Moreno is a real estate investor and has always been an active stockholder in NASCorp. Moreno is an elected Director.

Bert Hoover

Ephriam H. (Bert) Hoover IV- Since 2009, Bert has served as a junior manager at Hoover Inc., a family owned limestone mining and asphalt paving company that serves markets in TN, AL, and MS. Bert is also a private investor in real estate partnerships and early stage companies. He received a bachelor’s degree in General Business Administration from Belmont University.

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