Server & Data Security


Your customer’s data is only visible to you or your designated employees.

Using your username and password, you can access your data from any computer or cell phone.

Get email and/or text messages in alert situations: Overfilled tank, critically low tanks, and more. You set up which alerts you wish to receive and the levels that trigger the alerts.

Data Security : A Dealer sending data over Insite’s SkyTracker™ secured network, to be recovered only through SENS satellite decoders, SkyTracker’s™ reliable transmissions of “real-time” data cannot be detected, much less intercepted, by any other system other than the already patented SENS system. Furthermore, each SkyTracker™ also uses a unique ID that cannot be modified. In short, SkyTracker™ can gather information from locations far beyond current terrestrial or telepathic networks and Dealers can recover their customer’s information on Insite’s Secured Socket-Layered 64-128 bit encrypted Web-based SkyTracker™ Internet access site from any PC anywhere in the world. All posted customer information is color-coded for “At-A-Glance” status acknowledgement(s). A Dealer’s peace of mind is Insite’s ultimate goal.

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