Refined Fuel Capacitance Gauges

SkyTracker™ Capacitance Gauges for Non-Conductive Liquids (Diesel, Fuel Oil, Gasolines), Cryogenics, and Dry Goods

Raising Your Gauging Level!

The C-Flex is a Liquid Level Gauge suited for non-conductive fluids. It provides an easy to mount, accurate and reliable digital liquid level indicator. The capacitance of the flex-sensor plates increases ratiometrically with the liquid coverage and is converted into an easy to read, accurate digital read out with 0.1% resolution. Additionally it has an analog ratiometric voltage output which can be used with other control or remote devices. As the unit is battery operated there’s no need for any additional power or cabling. By using the remote connection the battery is just needed to power the digital read out when required. By pressing the front (sensitive key just below the display) the unit measures and shows the actual level for 10s and switches off automatically afterwards. To change and justify the factory set pre-adjustments, the front cover has to be removed. Three push buttons are provided for an easy and clear access to electronically stored settings. There are no adjusting potentiometers at all.

Independently from adjusting the reference levels (0% and 100%) you can also adjust offset and gain of the output signal, factory presetted to 0.3V at 0% and 4.3V at 100%, at a supply voltage of 4.6V.

When used with SkyTracker™ the gauge mounts with the sensor on a 1″-female tank cap. The length of the sensor is about 3m (10 ft.) and can be shortened to fit your actual tank size.


  • robust construction
  • ratiometric voltage output
  • typ. 5V supply voltage (4.5-5.5V)
  • low power (typ. 2mA @ 5V)
  • long lasting 9V standard block battery
  • easy adjustment
  • independant offset and gain setting
  • 0.1% resolution digital LED-display

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