Consumption Billing

Consumption Billing

North American Satellite Corporation (“Insite”) has developed two parallel systems that function in concert with each other to totally eliminate wasted product delivery stops to end-user locations of propane, refined fuels or other commodity product dealers, saving time, energy, fuel and wear and tear on trucks, roadways and the environment. Insite’s system also, reduces operating expense for the distributor and provides the distributors end-user with guaranteed fuel supplies and improved safety by eliminating fuel or material run-out(s). This system also provides end-users with optional monitoring of CO levels, detection of gas vapor presence or freeze warnings if equipment failure occurs inside their home or business or needs to be started if for outdoor freeze protection. Insite’s systems, when combined to produce the above results, also reduce the end-user’s monthly cash outlay for energy and other consumables. These two systems, when used in tandem with each other, utilize Insite’s SkyTracker™ Tank and Home Direct-to-Satellite Monitors (See downloadable brochure for more detail) and Insite’s Application Programming Interface (“API”).

SkyTracker™ is a self-contained explosion-proof tank and monitor that transmits data to accomplish all of the above tasks from customer locations to distribution offices and/or to end-users themselves. SkyTracker™ operates without phone lines, power lines or cell link-up from anywhere in North America. Installation by the dealer is under 3 minutes on any ASME tank and 5 minutes on most other storage containers, and SkyTracker™ conforms to multiple U.S. and Canadian ETL standards as specifically tested for use in environments where propane, propylene hydrazine, map-gas or other hazardous materials are present.

Insite’s corresponding API permits the fuel or commodity distributors accounting or truck routing software providers to enhance the dealers accounting and routing systems by directly accessing their dealer’s data. Since SkyTracker™ tracks an end-user’s consumption, SkyTracker™ and its API performs Consumption Billing. This provides for the most efficient delivery system for distributors while eliminating wasted trips and reducing the end-user’s monthly bills.

With Consumption Billing, the dealer retains ownership of delivered product(s) at end-user location. The end-users pay only for what they use each 30 days. The processes cited here track and invoices the end-users on that basis. These processes also reconcile periodically (but no less than annually) with the sealed metering systems of the distributors bobtail delivery trucks which are often calibrated and verified by Weights and Measures Divisions.

A letter notifying state or provincial Weights and Measures that Insite’s affiliate dealer will incorporate the systems as described herein into its end-user billing, while maintaining regulatory compliance to and recognizing the authority of Weights and Measures’ jurisdictions, is usually all it takes. Ultimately, all deliveries to end-users will be by state-tested and verified metered systems.

For further information of North American Satellite Corporation, SkyTracker™ or SkyHelp Services™, please consult links of “Products and Services” and “FAQ’s”.


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