Consumption Billing

Consumption Billing

SkyTracker™ Tank Monitors and Insite's API

SkyTracker™ Tank Monitor

Consumption Billing

North American Satellite Corporation (“Insite”) provides two systems to increase efficiency for delivery of propane, refined fuels and other commodity products.

1) SkyTracker™ Tank and Home Direct-to-Satellite Monitors.

2) Insite’s Application Programming Interface (“API”).

SkyTracker™ is a self-contained, explosion-proof tank monitor:

- No phone line, power line or cell link needed from anywhere in North America.

- Transmits data to distribution offices and/or the end user.

With SkyTracker™ and Insite's API:

- Accounting and routing systems can access fuel consumption as tracked with SkyTracker and its API.

- With Consumption Billing the end users are invoiced each month for the fuel that they use.

These two systems, when used in tandem:

- Eliminate unnecessary delivery stops.

- Save time, energy, fuel, wear and tear on trucks.

- Improve efficiency and lower operating expense for the distributor.

- Provide even more end user benefits with optional CO level, gas vapor and freeze monitoring.

Simple installation along with standards compliance:

- Installation by dealer in under 5 minutes on most storage containers.

- Conforms to multiple U.S. and Canadian ETL standards.

- Specifically tested for use where propane and other hazardous materials are present.

The processes cited here can be reconciled periodically:

- To maintain regulatory compliance with state or provincial Weights and Measures.

- A letter to the appropriate Weights and Measures jurisdictions recognizing their authority and notifying them of the dealer's end user Consumption Billing program is usually all that's required.

For further information on North American Satellite Corporation, SkyTracker™ or SkyHelp Services™, please see the FAQ link in the "About Us" menu or contact us.


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