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Insite’s patented SkyTracker direct-to-satellite liquid level tank and home monitoring hardware, firmware and software management systems are unique. All trademarks, logos and names are the exclusive property of Insite. Also, Insite has negotiated for and maintains worldwide exclusive distribution rights to industry and contractors. Insite Exclusive Rights Agreements are with the world’s largest satellite providers and uplink centers and through national and international reciprocating contracts with the world’s largest wireless communication services. These contracts are further backed by multiple patents which are approved and issued or are pending. All are filed with the United States Patent Office and internationally under the Patent Cooperation Treaty with the World Intellectual Property Organization of Geneva, Switzerland. Through these contracts and patents, issued or pending, Insite’s SkyTracker™ can reach 120 countries; 95% of the world’s population. And, all it took was a BRAIN!



North American Satellite Corporation’s (Insite) Mission is to:

Join emerging satellite technology through SkyTracker™ liquid level tank monitors, Smart Home™ satellite systems, and other e-communications products, including paperless billing, Duty-to-Warn and market promotion. By adding these utility services to an existing gas, utility, or petroleum distribution company customer base, the marketer will increase his/her corporate profits through revenue production and operating expense reduction.


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